Grillen wie ein Sternekoch
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Grill like a Michelin-starred chef

Jun 29, 2022

Multifunctional Grill Grate Reversible Pan, X-Cook Grill Container®, Amador Professional Frying Pan

It's as much a part of the exhilarating summer feeling as the sun and the cocktail – the barbecue. People gather around the grill in smaller or larger groups and enjoy the fire and the incomparable smoky taste of grilled meat, vegetables, cheese or fish together. For a long time now, not only sausages and neck steaks have been served on the grill. Rather, especially when it comes to barbecuing, the culinary variety is huge these days. Some specialists simply prepare EVERYTHING on the grill and from the originally archaic form of food preparation, an exclusive haute cuisine has developed into star cuisine.

In addition to exquisite ingredients and "knowing how", "good taste" is of course also important for the right equipment. Especially if not only sausages are to be grilled, but also vegetables, fish, grilled cheese, etc., the permanently installed grill grates are actually extremely impractical. Not only is it tedious to position everything individually on it, the food on the grill likes to stick to it or simply falls into the fire and burns, emitting less aromatic stench. The subsequent scraping off burnt material and cleaning it are therefore less nice. While non-stick pans are usually used on the stove, materials are still used on the grill as they were 100 years ago – iron or stainless steel. This is exactly where the new Hifficiency® accessory makes the difference, a quantum leap in grilling.

Now, a PTFE coating, also known as Teflon®, is not suitable at all on the grill because of the higher temperatures and the pollutants that then form. In addition, according to the new EU regulation, PTFE is to be banned altogether from 2024 for health protection.

However, the new coating DURAQUARZ ® is very suitable for grilling because it can withstand temperatures of up to 450°C and does not contain PTFE or other harmful substances. And the non-stick effect is at least as good. In other words, the coating of the future, which already exists.

The new grill grate – reversible pan is also not made of steel, but of particularly thermally conductive cast aluminium, hand-cast and then coated all around with DURAQUARZ.® As a result, you quickly get the popular "Branding" on the grill, the emblem of good grilling, so to speak. And with the cross-branding, you automatically end up in the higher league without having to turn extra angles. By the way, it is best to turn only 1 time. As a result, the food remains juicier and does not dry out. Or you can grill with the hood closed and turn ev. not even at all, then puts the underside up when serving.

The grill grate reversible pan is designed in such a way that you can use both sides. The back is ideal for pizza and tarte flambée, whether fresh or frozen. And the removable handle is made of solid 18/10 stainless steel, so you can take the whole pan with the finished food off the grill together, very conveniently.

The edge of the pan is open on one side so that you can easily get in with the spatula. At the same time, however, the 3-sided edge is sufficient to ensure that nothing falls off the sides, whether vegetables, mushrooms or potato wedges. The openings of the bottom are also kept extra smaller. This way, almost nothing can fall through, but the hot air and smoke can still flow through well. By the way, the shape is patented.

By the way, the handle mount is double-sided, so it is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handed users. And since it's a reversible pan, the handle can be hooked in the same way when it's upside down. The size is large enough for a passage for 4 people. Side dishes, bread, fried potatoes, grilled vegetables, etc. can then be grilled in a 2-th accessory at the same time.

The X-Cook® grill container, made of 18/10 stainless steel and coated with DURAQUARZ,® is extremely practical. Here, too, nothing sticks so easily and cleaning is very easy, even in the dishwasher. Whether grilled vegetables, large pot roast or chicken, barbecuing couldn't be easier, healthier or tastier.

Instead of an uncoated steel pan, you can also use the Amador Professional pan on the grill, whether for North Sea crabs or omelettes. Firstly, the heat absorption is faster due to the aluminium intermediate layer, and above all you benefit from the very good non-stick effect. No seasoning, no dishwasher ban, no iron taste, just perfect.

Why Aluminum foil is not an alternative:

At the elevated temperatures, aluminum foil in combination with oils releases aluminum into the food to be grilled and thus into the food. Aluminum is considered a cancer risk in the body and possibly a trigger for Alzheimer's. If adding it to the deodorant spray is risky, it's better not to eat it. Apart from the unsustainable waste balance and the cumbersome handling, this is really not a good alternative.

But the use of the Hifficiency® grill accessory goes even further:

All products are equally suitable for use in the oven. So you can also grill in winter by setting your (preheated) oven to 250°C convection and placing the grill grate pan on the oven rack in the middle position. If you then place a small X-Cook® container with smoked flour next to it, you get an additional smoke aroma like from a wood fire. And if you turn the reversible pan over, you can bake excellent pizzas with the same setting of the oven. Like from the stone oven at the Italian. But beware: In approx. The pizza is ready in 4 minutes. By the way, you don't need to preheat the reversible pan for this. So it's extremely easy and fast! And important: Get rid of the baking paper, it will only make the pizza mushy. To ensure that nothing sticks, we have developed the DURAQUARZ®!!

Or on the road? Anyone who has ever had a barbecue in the park, on the campsite or in the marina, where there are now many beautiful barbecue areas, knows that the grates there are not always well suited, let alone clean. Simply place the grill grate pan you have brought with you on top and you have your own "professional star grate" with top branding and the best grilling experience. As a supplement, the matching lid is ideal so that the food does not dry out and is grilled on all sides as quickly as possible. Due to the three-sided edge, the air circulation is so great that nothing gets muddy, but remains juicy.

And it's even more mobile!

You are traveling with the camper to give you only nature. The ideal place for barbecuing. With the right accessories, you can transform your grill grate pan into a mobile grill in no time at all. In addition, there is a second handle and 2 matching feet, all made of thick stainless steel. This means that the pan/grill stands firmly on the floor and is adjustable in height. Underneath, the appropriate container is filled with charcoal and you're ready to go. With a rather small fire, the lid really does a great job, because only then does the temperature get really high. Also good: Small fire – little CO2! Works really, really well, even on the beach.

Transporting and Serving

Hifficiency® barbecue accessories are also ideal for bringing the food to the table and serving it directly (with coasters). This way, the food comes fresh to the table and even grills a little.

Whether at home on the terrace, out and about in summer or indoors in winter, with our new Hifficiency® products you can refine your barbecue experience, anytime and anywhere!