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The energy-saving pans – made just behind the dike

Jul 19, 2022

Saving energy is becoming important again for 3 reasons:

  1. Energy costs (a lot) of money
  2. Climate change
  3. Resources are limited

In almost all areas of life, energy can easily be saved with a little effort, and the sum of many smaller individual measures can make a difference. Whether you take shorter and colder showers, drive slower and less, leave the apartment 2°C colder in winter, the possibilities are manifold and don't hurt with a little (re)getting used to it. Energy can also be saved when cooking. Preheat the oven for 15 minutes. switch off before the end of the baking process, use the heating phase, use lids on pans and pots and so on.

The choice of cooking accessories also plays a decisive role. Who hasn't had pans on the stove that didn't want to get hot despite the highest power supply? Not only is this annoying because you can't fry a good chop or steak with it, but the waste of energy is directly noticeable. A kitchen stove is not a light sailor in terms of energy consumption. 3.6 kilowatts, sometimes up to 7.5 kW are quite common.

When developing our HIFFICIENCY® pans, we worked from the outset to ensure that they should be as efficient as possible, i.e. consume little energy. This is the essence of our brand, and it is even in the name: Hi(gehst) (E)fficiency is the artificial word Hifficiency and translates as highest efficiency, i.e. lowest energy consumption. That's why energy-saving pan.

And how is that supposed to work? Quite simply, the pans and baking trays heat up faster than conventional products and distribute the heat quickly and evenly over the frying, cooking or baking surface.

Many pans take 2 minutes and even longer to reach 200°C frying temperature. Good pans can do this in 1 minute. The HIFFICIENCY® Multispeed® only takes 15-20 seconds. This saves energy and, of course, time. Measurements by a neutral institute (TÜV Rheinland) have shown that HIFFICIENCY ® pans save up to 65% energy compared to other good quality pans. This means almost 2/3 cost savings for each cooking process. But this also means that if you have to wait a long time with a bad pan until it is really hot, you will have your steak ready in time with a HIFFICIENCY® pan. The same applies to the multibaking and roasting plate®, to X-Cook® containers, to our X-Bake® baking trays for the bakers and so on.

Energiesparpfanne HIFFICIENCY® temperature distribution after 20 seconds!

Energiesparpfanne Expensive competition pan after 20 seconds!

Because HIFFICIENCY® pans heat up so quickly, you have to "turn them down" in time, otherwise they will get too hot. However, to ensure that nothing bad can happen, we have completely redeveloped the Duraquarz® coating at the same time. It does not break down at too high temperatures, but can even withstand 450°C, almost 200°C more than PTFE/Teflon. And so even at high temperatures, it does not emit toxic fumes that can cause lung cancer. That's why, by the way, PTFE/Teflon is to be completely banned in the EU from 2024. Duraquarz® is PTFE/PFAS/PFOA free, all not included, so it is also a healthy coating.

Of course, cooking, frying, grilling, baking should be fun and the food should taste good. Give it a try: it's really great fun to work with Hifficiency products. They feel high-quality, they also look like it, the branding or the browning is fantastically even, nothing sticks and cleaning is very easy. Everything can go in the dishwasher. And it's much more fun when the pan doesn't warp on the stove and quickly gets hotter or colder when the temperature setting is changed. Of course, the best way to do this is with induction. By the way, induction is still faster than gas today. It's good to know when there's no gas.

There is more to a sustainable product than just good function. The place of production, the method of production, the materials used, the service life, the working conditions and so on, all play an equally important role. HIFFICIENCY® products are developed with an extremely high level of vertical integration at acs in Wilhelmshaven and produced. For us, development does not mean drawing designs and buying in China, but real product development with new manufacturing methods and materials and our own patents.

For us, production does not only mean assembly and packaging, but also embossing, welding, producing coating material, coating and then, of course, assembling and packing, incl. Quality. In other words, production in the region for the region, without unnecessarily long transport routes, in the cutter road just behind the dike.

Whether AMT, AMC, Fissler, Hoffmann, Woll, Rösle, Olav, Onyx, or any other "pan manufacturer", no one has such an exclusive wide range of manufacture to offer as acs with its HIFFICIENCY® program. Rather, some of the companies mentioned do not produce anything at all, but only buy (cheaply in China or elsewhere) and market here with a considerable price premium.

We also save energy ourselves in production. In the last 4 years, we have already halved our energy consumption of electricity and gas, have packed our roofs with solar panels and are researching new solutions together with research institutes that consume even less energy, up to 80% less. It's good for the environment and good for your wallet. In this way, good quality does not have to be unnecessarily expensive, but remains affordable.

Last but not least: die Qualität. Good quality means good function in every product paired with a long shelf life. For this, we give 5 years warranty. And you can also demand it, because we are not a windy trader/China importer who is away from the market after a short time. And if our coatings, which are truly among the most durable ever, need to be renewed at some point, we offer a complete pan refit for this purpose. You will then get a brand new coating and the pan will be checked and if necessary. nachgeprägt. So it's actually a real refit and not a marketing gimmick so that no raw materials are wasted either.

You can also visit us at the factory outlet, Kutterstraße 2, 26386 Wilhelmshaven. We are looking forward to it!