For bakeries

HIFFICIENCY®Professional-Highly efficient for any bakery

7 advantages for baking:

1. Top Anti-Sent Effect
2. Shortened baking times
3. No baking paper
4. No or greatly reduced release agent use
5. Easy cleaning
6. Double life (compared to PTFE)
7. Avoidance of aluminum abrasion

From the single bakery to industrial baking HIFFICIENCY®Professional is the brand of accessories for professional baking. For professional customers in the baking industry, we offer the whole range of from (hole) baking trays, pretzels and baking tins to meat loaf molds.

The name stands for high efficiency = HIgh eFFICIENCY. It saves you time, energy and money!

The most important Hifficiency® products for bakeries are extremely durable perforated sheets that solve the aluminium problem in the long term and can be completely alkali-resistant thanks to our patented riveting technology. In addition, there are bread dressings, etc., which impress with their uniquely long-lasting non-stick effect.

At the heart of our products are our own patented coatings DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ®.

These new high-performance coatings from acs Coating Systems, applied in powder technology, last at least twice as long as PTFE and can be optimally adapted to meet requirements. Take caustic strength, for example: The oldest perforated aluminium sheets with a complete DURAPEK® coating are now approx. 5 years old and still in use. Several large bakeries are already using HIFFICIENCY® baking trays, because at the end of the day it is more economical to buy quality if it lasts much longer and works better.

Another advantage of the acs plant technology is that everything is fully automated and there are much smaller variations in layer thickness due to the process than with the usual PTFE coatings, which are often applied too thinly (locally). In addition, in the case of perforated sheets, all holes in acs are systematically co-coated completely from the inside.

Bakery Products

Experience with our baking trays and baking tins: Geschwister Licht from Backhaus Licht

We have been successfully using the HIFFICIENCY baking trays for 5 years now and are thrilled. Now we finally have the certainty that our pretzels do not absorb aluminum. Baking pretzels and bread rolls also works great. And we were particularly impressed by the baking tray for baking meatloaf and frying schnitzels.

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