DURAPEK®With lotus effect

HIFFICIENCY®MultiSpeed®Multibaking plate, grill plate, GN container or baking sheet are with high performance coating DURAPEK®Provided-with unique anti-stick properties. DURAPEK®Is a novel non-stick coating made of the high-performance plastic PEK, which is otherwise mainly used in the aerospace industry. The production process is completely different from the usual PTFE or PTFE. Teflon or ceramic coatings-to the benefit of health. It does not contain solvents and resins that outgas in the furnace and are harmful to health.

The DURAPEK® coating was developed at acs, is patented and only available from acs. The material is 5 times more expensive than PTFE/Teflon and is elaborately processed in 4 layers on large systems, with 70 μm twice as thick as conventional Teflon coatings and therefore much more robust! Advantages of the patented acs coating: Production without solvents and resins, waste-free Nothing outgassed, PFOA-free Unique and long-lasting non-stick effect acs patent Hardener and more robust, no flaking, particularly long shelf life, alkali-resistant, dishwasher-safe and suitable up to 300°C.