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HIFFICIENCY® Professional - Highly efficient for every gastronomy from Michelin-starred restaurants to canteen kitchens

HIFFICIENCY® Professional is the brand for accessories for professional cooking, roasting, grilling, etc. The name stands for high efficiency = HIgh eFFICIENCY.

This allows you to work faster, better and easier than with conventional accessories. Consistently newly developed, stable and yet rather light and equipped with the best and most robust non-stick coatings available: DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ.®

This saves them time and money. In addition, your customers and staff will be happy.

By the way, Hifficiency® Professional accessories are fully compatible and proven for all combi steamers from Rational and other leading manufacturers.

Many advantages “Made in Germany”

At the heart of our products are our own, patented coatings DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ®. These exclusive coatings are more robust, heat-resistant and durable than any other coating on the market. Furthermore, only our coatings do not contain any solvents and no other undesirable substances (e.g. NMP, PAI, PFOA, (Bis-)Phenol) that outgas during use and lead to health risks – at least up to 300°C or at least 300°C. even up to 450°C for our fastest pans. The result is products that are unique in their (permanent) non-stick properties.

We have been developing our products for a long time and have also learned how to emboss or cast metals in such a way that they are flat and practically do not deform even in the oven or on the stove. Production takes place exclusively on the new, modern facilities at acs in Wilhelmshaven.

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