Barbecuing in a new dimension

Means not to place the grilled food directly on the grill grate, but in the perfect hifficiency®Barbecue accessories. This makes it easier for you to grill and keeps the food juicier with delicious roasted aromas. Thanks to the anti-stick effect, less sticks and finally cleaning is much easier.

For example, the grill pan turning pan quickly delivers perfect cross-branding with delicious roasted aromas and prevents small grilled food from falling through. And through the smaller openings, grilling becomes healthier and gentler.

The back is ideal for pizza, tarte flambée etc. And also works in any oven, so make hifficiency grill containers in the kitchen. And after grilling, serve directly with it. Looks nice and better stay warm and fresh. Finally, everything goes into the dishwasher. Hifficiency grilling is easier and really tastes better.

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Advantages of the grill grate - reversible pan

It improves every grill and can also be expanded to the mobile grill alone. Due to the 2-page application, it is multifunctional.

The novel geometry in conjunction with high heat-conducting aluminum hand cast plus non-stick ceramic results in particularly fast and uniform heat behavior. The advantages:

-Fast defined cross branding without turning
-Cross outside, juicy inside
-Small parts (vegetables, mushrooms...) Does not fail
-Only a little fat gets into the embers
-Ideal also on the gas grill and in the oven (!)
-Easy cleaning, even in the dishwasher

The back is for pizza, tarte flambée etc. And works better than a pizza stone. So you get a pizza very quickly like from a stone oven.

Discover our mobile grill

The grill grate pan is ideal for on the go. On campsites or in marinas there are often barbecues that are not really clean. No problem if you have your own grill grill pan with you. And with just a few simple steps, it can also be turned into a mobile grill for anywhere on the go. Sometimes simply combined with ready-made charcoal from the gas station.

The result, however, is real grilling with great branding, because the heat is better conducted from the (small) fire to the food to be grilled. So you can grill really well everywhere.

Grilling with many functions

The grill pan is multifunctional, namely ideal for steaks, vegetables and fish as well as for pizza and tarte flambée. It goes well with every grill, even becomes a grill itself and can do it all in the oven! Grilling in the oven is really fun in winter when it's really uncomfortable outside. Juan Amador shows how it is done.

The new X-Cook containers are also multifunctional and are also suitable for casserole and cakes. And the wok does its job on the grill as well as on the kitchen stove. So the Hifficiency grill accessory is also the ideal kitchen accessory and you don't need everything twice.

HIFFICIENCY® Multispeed®Mobile grill
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Country party with Hifficiency®-At home and on the go

Summer is finally here-time to grill something nice outside with friends or family, to cook…

Brand new: The Hifficiency®Mobil Grill with versatile professional qualities for at home and on the go. At home as an ideal addition to the normal grill, for example for vegetables, fish or sensitive meat, which sticks easily. The new DURA QUARZ®Coating is ideally suited for this up to 450 °C, free of harmful substances and Teflon!
The new rust geometry convinces with steaks with a perfect cross pattern without turning. The branding is particularly pronounced. Small parts can be placed in the kitchen and then put on the grill completely with the pan. It is also ideal to use e.g. for crispy American potatoes without oil, even in the normal oven. The handle is made of solid 18/10 stainless steel, removable and can be used in 4 positions. The back has a different geometry and produces very quickly pizza, tarte flambée etc on the grill or in the normal oven. In a crunchy quality like from a stone oven!
Ideal out and about on public barbecue areas, campsites or marinas, where the grates usually don't look very appetizing. Simply the contained hifficiency®Place the grill pan on top and grill clean. Or very self-sufficient on the go as a completely mobile grill that generates results like a big one-just perfect!

1. Hifficiency®MultiSpeed®Grill pan

2. Grill rack for grill grate pan

Consisting of 2 feet and 1 additional handle. Made of sturdy 18/10 stainless steel. Transforms the grill grate pan into a universal mini professional grill.
Can be used with standard disposable barbecues as a heat source or with the optional charcoal fire bowl.

3. Glass lid for grill pan

Lid made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass with high-quality stainless steel knob: Transforms the grill into the smallest hooded grill so that the food does not dry out.
Increases the temperature in the interior, which is also beneficial in the case of a small fire.

4. Fire bowl for grill pan

New: Better grilling and baking with the novel Hifficiency®MultiSpeed®Grilling technology-on the go and everywhere!

New: DURAQUARZ® - Non-stick coating
Brand new developed at acs and with unique advantages, patent acs

  • Suitable up to 450°C – no overheating
  • No toxic solvents, no NMP, no Teflon, no PTFE, no PFOA, ...
  • Very good non-stick effect, nothing sticks
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for the oven without temperature restriction
  • Spülmaschinenbeständig
  • Twice as thick as conventional ceramic coatings
  • Long-lasting non-stick effect
  • Very good heat conduction