HIFFICIENCY®By acs Coating Systems

The brand HIFFICIENCY®The company acs Coating Systems stands for modern cooking and baking accessories. The company acs Coating Systems GmbH is based at Kutterstrasse 2 in Wilhelmshaven, actually right behind the dike. The company is 100% family-owned by Dr. C. Stecher (Dipl. Physicists) have been running and supplying well-known oven and pan manufacturers for over 10 years.

With the experience from the large series, also for mechanical engineering and the automotive industry, the product series HIFFICIENCY®Completely redeveloped. Various patents for the coatings as well as the metallic designs have been registered and granted.

A lively success story

HIFFICIENCY® stands for High eFFICIENCY. Thus, the use of HIFFICIENCY® products actually saves time and energy, made possible by the new embossing processes and coatings. The patented coatings DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ® are particularly robust and durable. They also have very good thermal conductivity. It has been proven to save customers time and energy by between 10 and 60% compared to well-known competitor products. The production without solvents (chemicals) is environmentally friendly and results in products that can be used safely even at high temperatures. Particularly important, however, is the enormously long durability of the coatings, which is unique in the world.

The HIFFICIENCY® range covers all relevant requirements for cooking and baking accessories for both bakery and catering businesses, from the smallest to the largest, and is constantly being expanded. Of course, it is also ideal for everyone for cooking, frying, baking and grilling - at home and on the go! Production takes place at acs in Wilhelmshaven. The raw material suppliers are also based in Germany, so that the products are 100% made in Germany – ideal for maximum reliability and the highest quality.


1996-The idea

1999-First patents

2005 - Frying pans for WMF

2008-Company formation acs

2009-Cooperation furnace manufacturer

2010 - Takeover of coating technology

2013-New company buildings

2016-Social engagement

2017 - Expansion and collaboration with Juan Amador

2018 - DURA QUARZ®Ceramics

2019-Product Novelty Grill Grate Pan

2020 - Product novelty X-Beacon®

2021-New products X-Pan®