"Everything is linked to everything and we have only one life and one world. Therefore, our products are intended to provide the best function and the longest life, and to be manufactured in such a way that health and the environment do not suffer and as few resources as possible are consumed."

Best Function - Highest Enjoyment

HIFFICIENCY®️ Cooking and baking should be fun because it just works better. Nobody should be annoyed anymore about pans and pots that tilt or those whose floors bulge up in use. Or which are so heavy and sluggish that you cannot set the temperature. Roast and baking trays should also not warble in the oven and absorb the heat quickly and evenly and pass it on to the dishes. Uniform heat distribution and coatings that last a long time with good anti-sticking effect and optimal heat conduction are the basis for best function and fastest results. Less is more and you can with few HIFFICIENCY®️ Share everything to cook, bake and grill perfectly. And because it just works better, it's more fun and the results are better: Best function + highest efficiency = greatest pleasure

Highest professional premium quality for a (life) long function at the highest level. You'll be having the same fun at HIFFICIENCY even after years®️ Cooking , Baking And Grilling Have as in new condition. We give private customers a 5-year guarantee plus the refit promise. As a German company, we are certified and operate quality, environmental and energy management at the highest level, so that the quality is always right.

For cooking, grilling and baking. Experience the diversity of HIFFICIENCY®!

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The HIFFICIENCY is making new out of old®Pans refit program!


Refit Program

Highly efficient for every gastronomy from starred restaurants to large kitchens.

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Sustainability, Health and Environment

For us, sustainability and health belong together. We are committed to environmental protection, low resource and energy consumption, short transportation routes and so on. On the edge of the Wadden Sea National Park, environmental protection is very important to us. But topics such as education and health, i.e. issues directly related to people, are just as important to us. For example, we have developed new coatings that really work up to 300 ° C in the oven or even briefly up to 450 ° C on the grill and do not excrete any substances that are harmful to health. This is unique! We have developed new efficient production processes that develop almost no exhaust gases and are practically waste-free. Production in Germany guarantees short transport routes, also good for the environment. Energy consumption has been significantly reduced in recent years and will continue to be reduced by at least 20% over the next two years.

HIFFICIENCY®Cooking saves energy And the high-quality materials and manufacturing processes guarantee a long service life. In addition, HIFFICIENCY enable®Products ensure the gentle handling of the food used, due to the better temperature control and the universal anti-exposure effect.

L Ast but not least! Refit: After years and intensive use, the coating may be scratched or subject to local wear. We offer a pan refit for this purpose, in which the pan is completely checked in our factory in Wilhelmshaven and everything is repaired so that it is like new again! At the price of a cheap pan: 25,- €! So nothing is thrown away that is actually still good.

Social engagement

HIFFICIENCY®Has initiated the “Education for Africa and the World” project together with Rotary, a global non-profit service club. Educational projects are financed here because education is the key to a better, more peaceful and fairer world. And education for everyone and everywhere! The HIFFICIENCY®Rotary pan was specially developed for this and each copy sold donates a contribution to selected educational projects.