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Pans Made in Germany

The HIFFICIENCY® Premium pans were newly developed by Dr. C. Stecher and his acs team in collaboration with the 3-star chef Juan Amador. The new DURAQUARZ® ceramic combines an optimal non-stick effect with maximum temperature resistance (max. 450°C). This is an excellent way to cross-fry meat as well as to prepare fish or egg dishes. The complete absence of solvents and PTFE (Teflon®) allows you to fry healthily with very little oil. HIFFICIENCY® pans are enormously stable, very quick to heat up and at the same time not too heavy.

For all types of stoves

Dishwasher safe



heat resistant


3 *** star chef Juan Amador says:

"It is particularly important to me that the pan fits well in the hand, is not too heavy, but still really stable. The floor must not warp, jerk or wobble. This allows me to work exactly to the point.

And I can't use Teflon® for searing. I think the DURAQUARZ® coating is 1,000 times better. I only use my HIFFICIENCY® pans now." "Induction" can therefore be easily checked by holding a magnet to the bottom of the pan. If it "sticks", the bottom is magnetic, so it is suitable for induction. If it simply falls off, the pan is not suitable for induction."

Amador Frying Pan

No. 2

The perfect baking experience

HIFFICIENCY® baking trays and baking tins with DURAPEK® coating are used by bakeries because they work particularly well and last a long time. The DURAPEK coating offers an exceptionally good non-stick effect and is much more robust than Teflon. In particular, you don't need baking paper. When baking cakes, the cake simply falls out of the mold. And of course, the coating is absolutely dishwasher safe. As premium products, they are a little more expensive, but offer many advantages - now also for the home!

Experience with our baking trays and baking pans:
Sibling Light from the Backhaus Light

"We have been using the HIFFICIENCY baking trays successfully for 5 years now and are thrilled. Now we finally have the certainty that our pretzels do not absorb aluminum. Baking pretzels and bread rolls also works great. And we were particularly impressed by the baking tray for baking meatloaf and frying schnitzels."

No. 3

Grilling in perfection

Grilling in a new dimension means not placing the grilled food directly on the grill, but in the perfect HIFFICIENCY®Barbecue accessories. This makes it easier for you to grill and keeps the food juicier with delicious roasted aromas. Thanks to the anti-stick effect, less sticks and finally cleaning is much easier. For example, the grill pan turning pan quickly delivers perfect cross-branding with delicious roasted aromas and prevents small grilled food from falling through. And the smaller openings make grilling healthier and gentler. The back is ideal for pizza, tarte flambée etc. And also works in any oven, so make hifficiency grill containers in the kitchen. And after grilling, serve directly with it. Looks nice and better stay warm and fresh. Finally, everything goes into the dishwasher. Hifficiency grilling is easier and really tastes better.

Based on the findings of the pan embossing process, the contour of the multifrat and baking plate was then developed. This is also warless and practically does not deform in the oven under the influence of temperature (patented). And also the new X-Bake baking trays®Are unique plan and low-delay. It is shaped on particularly strong and stable presses that have emerged from the long tradition of the Solingen cutlery industry and have been further developed for the special requirements.

Would you like a mobile grill?

The grill grate pan is ideal for on the go. On campsites or in marinas there are often barbecues that are not really clean. No problem if you have your own grill grill pan with you. And with just a few simple steps, it can also be turned into a mobile grill for anywhere on the go. Sometimes simply combined with ready-made charcoal from the gas station. The result, however, is real grilling with great branding, because the heat is better conducted from the (small) fire to the food to be grilled. So you can grill really well everywhere. To the

No. 4

Better to cook healthy

Cooking accessories by HIFFICIENCY®Has been used in professional kitchens for over 10 years. From the small restaurant to the upscale 3 star cuisine at Juan Amador and from the caterer to the canteen or airline! Did you know that the professionals cook, fry and grill much more in the oven than most amateur chefs? Hifficiency®Cooking accessories, equipped with the latest coatings DURAPEK®And DURA QUARZ®Delivers particularly fast and evenly good results and is easy to keep clean. The coatings last up to the highest temperatures in the oven. Here you will find the right accessories so that cooking is more fun and the food tastes better.

Hifficiency Product Catalog 2023