HIFFICIENCY® Stiel- & Bratpfannen 28 cm / induktionsfähig / Zur Hochzeit alles Gute - mit 2 Ringen Multispeed® Pfanne (Gravur optional) Pfannen Online Shop
HIFFICIENCY® Stiel- & Bratpfannen Multispeed® Pfanne (Gravur optional) Pfannen Online Shop
HIFFICIENCY® Stiel- & Bratpfannen Multispeed® Pfanne (Gravur optional) Pfannen Online Shop
HIFFICIENCY® Stiel- & Bratpfannen Multispeed® Pfanne (Gravur optional) Pfannen Online Shop

Multispeed®Pan (engraving optional)

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MultiSpeed®Pans Ø 24 & 28 cm by HIFFICIENCY®

HIFFICIENCY®MultiSpeed®Pans: It couldn't be faster!

These unique pans were developed at acs in Wilhelmshaven, in collaboration with the 3 star chef Juan Amador. Here they are also made complete and exclusive, both pan body and DURA QUARZ®Coating. All from a single source. The production is almost waste-free and the coating is completely without solvents and Without PTFE/Teflon Manufactured-healthy and good for the environment. The process is patented and unique in the world.

The MultiSpeed®Pan is extremely fast and uniform in temperature absorption and thus also falls into the category "Hifficiency, the fastest pan in the world". This makes it possible to control the correct frying temperature particularly quickly and easily. And it can also get really hot for searing or grilling. This is made possible by a new special multilayer material MultiSpeed Metal®(Stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel) in conjunction with the special embossing process, which means that the pan does not warp even when it is heated up and is very close to the energy source. This saves time and energy and makes cooking easier.

The handle is removable, which is very practical for baking in the oven, on the grill, but also in the dishwasher or in the cupboard. Thanks to the new technology, it is very easy to use with one hand and yet firm! By the way: the handle and packaging are also made in Germany. Short distances, good for the environment!

The DURA QUARZ® Coating is without Teflon and therefore ideal for sharp searing. It enables a really good and even browning similar to an uncoated steel pan. But the anti-stick effect also enables the healthy preparation of pancakes, fried eggs, fried potatoes or fish, i.e. everything that likes to stick on with very little oil. Cleaning is easy by hand or in the dishwasher.

Muttertag Pfanne mit GravurHochzeit Pfanne mit GravurKutter Pfanne mit Gravur

The optional motifs are individually engraved with the laser in the coating in such a way that the anti-stick effect is not lost and the subject is always preserved.

Pan with engraving-the ideal gift

Create your individual pan now-ideal as a personal gift with great practical value! We engrave your personal dedication in your new HIFFICIENCY ®Pan that you can enter directly in the ordering process.

  • "All the best for the wedding"
  • "For my dear son Mathias"
  • "For my very best mother"

Birthday, wedding, Christmas and other special events! Or not a special occasion? Just like that!

The engraving is incorporated into the production process in such a way that it lasts. You also need not have to worry that the pan will work worse at the point. It works and the engraving holds.

Order your customized HIFFICIENCY now®Pan. Make yourself and others a joy.

Advantages of MultiSpeed®Pan

  • Fast uniform heat distribution
  • With DURA QUARZ® Coating
  • Teflon free and without solvent
  • Unique anti-stick effect, nothing sticks on
  • Removable handle, easy cleaning and dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all types of stoves with all-round non-stick coating

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