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HIFFICIENCY® Stiel- & Bratpfannen Professional Schmorpfanne Pfannen Online Shop

Professional Schmorpfanne

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Product description

Braising pan ø 28 cm by HIFFICIENCY® - stable and high-quality

The HIFFICIENCY® casserole pan is made of aluminium using a new forging casting process. In this way, we achieve that our pan is much more stable and of higher quality compared to mass-produced goods.

In addition, the HIFFICIENCY® braising pan is characterized by an incredibly even heat distribution. This is due, among other things, to the design of the pan, which creates an even distribution of heat over the entire surface. This means that your food will cook more evenly, resulting in a better taste and even better consistency.

Despite its robust construction, the HIFFICIENCY® braising pan is not too heavy and fits very well in the hand. This makes it ideal for preparing more delicate dishes, making it the ideal choice for both novice and experienced chefs.

Compared to our Amador Professional pans, the braising pan does not react quite as quickly to the heat setting on the stove and therefore does not overheat as quickly. This characteristic has led us to give our braising pan the nickname "the cozy".

DURA QUARTZ® coating without PFAS

Thanks to our innovative DURAQUARZ® non-stick coating without PFAS, the alternative to Teflon®, you can be sure that your food will not stick or burn even at high temperatures. The DURAQUARZ® coating is ideally suited for searing meat at high temperatures and ensures very good roasting. Fish, egg dishes, fried eggs, fried potatoes, etc. are equally good. even with a little oil. In an independent test by Haus und Garten magazine, it was also confirmed that our Teflon® and emission-free DURAQUARZ® coating without PFAS has a very good non-stick effect. Cleaning is very easy, of course also in the dishwasher.

Advantages of the braising pan

  • Stable and high-quality due to the construction
  • Particularly beginner-friendly in terms of heat setting
  • Unbelievably good non-stick effect thanks to DURAQUARZ® coating without Teflon® / PFAS
  • Healthy and low-fat frying
  • Good capacity thanks to the 7 cm high rim
  • Great handling and not too heavy despite the (casting) construction

Dimensions and weight of the casserole pan

  • Diameter above: 28 cm
  • Laying/frying surface: 22 cm
  • Inner edge height: 7 cm
  • Weight 1,200 g
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