Europaabgeordneter zu Besuch bei HIFFICIENCY®
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Sep 01, 2023

Tour of the PFAS-free production of coatings for pans, etc.

MEP Tiemo Wölken had the opportunity to get to know HIFFICIENCY® with the company behind it acs Coating Systems in Wilhelmshaven. The visit was extremely exciting and offered an intensive exchange on various topics, with a focus on PFAS-free coatings without harmful substances from acs.

After the intensive exchange with HIFFICIENCY® and acs Coating Systems in Wilhelmshaven, the Member of the European Parliament Tiemo Wölken had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the various areas of the company's production together with the Member of the State Parliament Marten Gäde. This insight extended to the areas of embossing, coating and packaging.

Particularly intriguing was the opportunity to take a close look at the advanced PFAS-free coatings without harmful substances that the company has developed and uses. These technologies are of great importance for the protection of the environment and the preservation of people's health.

The visit offered Tiemo Wölken and Marten Gäde the opportunity to experience first-hand the innovative spirit and commitment of acs Coating Systems in terms of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. It was particularly exciting to gain an insight into the future-oriented energy savings that were behind the decision for the 4-day week.

In the meeting room of the company, the certificate of the former European funding for the building and the machines also hung proudly, which underlined everything discussed during the visit. These issues are not only dealt with intensively on the ground, but also taken to Brussels, where Tiemo Wölken has the opportunity to discuss them with his colleagues, especially in the committees. Above all, the topic of PFAS freedom has attracted a special light due to its relevance and is intensively dealt with due to the innovative findings from the exchange with HIFFICIENCY®. Mr. Wölken was also particularly interested in Dr. Christoph Stecher's assessment that PFAS and thus products made of PTFE/Teflon can be replaced in almost all of today's areas of application.

The visit to HIFFICIENCY® and acs Coating Systems was therefore not only an opportunity to talk about PFAS-free coatings and environmental protection, but also an opportunity to experience first-hand how companies in Wilhelmshaven operate driven by innovation, sustainability and social responsibility. Tiemo Wölken and Marten Gäde were able to see for themselves how companies can contribute to the forward-looking development of forward-looking technologies while at the same time focusing on ecological and social sustainability.

Dr. Stecher expressed his sincere thanks to the MEP Tiemo Wölken for his visit and his interest in ACS Coating Systems and HIFFICIENCY.®