Landtagsabgeordneter zu Besuch bei HIFFICIENCY®
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Member of the state parliament visits HIFFICIENCY®

May 26, 2023

Tour of our production and coating technology

The member of the state parliament Marten Gäde from the SPD Lower Saxony had the opportunity to visit HIFFICIENCY® with the company behind it acs Coating Systems in Wilhelmshaven. The visit was extremely exciting and offered an intensive exchange on various topics, with a focus on PFAS-free coatings.

During the visit, Marten Gäde had the opportunity to experience a comprehensive company tour and gain insights into the production and coating technology of acs Hifficiency. It was also interesting that the company has been practicing a 4-day week in production for 4 years. As a result, the daily working hours are somewhat longer. For this, the employees then have 3 days off from Friday to Sunday. It's a win-win situation, because the machines are also used more efficiently and ev. Maintenance and repair work can be carried out on Fridays.

Acs produces approx. 50% products with non-stick coating and food contact for bakeries, restaurants and private customers, the other 50% are industrial products, mostly with sliding coating or for electrical insulation. It was impressive to see how the company develops innovative solutions to produce cutting-edge environmentally friendly coatings without toxic additives, without PFAS, without PTFE and without solvents. During the company tour, Managing Director Dr. Christoph Stecher offered a great opportunity to experience the practical implementation of PFAS-free coatings and to understand their advantages.

Other aspects of sustainability and environmental protection were also discussed during the exchange. Marten Gäde showed great interest in acs Hifficiency's efforts to implement eco-friendly practices in all areas of production. It became clear that both politicians and companies such as acs Hifficiency must work together to promote and find sustainable solutions and to reduce and completely ban the use of harmful substances such as PFAS. "It is clear that a lot has to be changed," says Dr. Stecher. "Politicians must set reliable guidelines with deadlines that are sufficient, but not too long. Without legal requirements, nothing else will change in terms of climate change and environmental pollution." In addition, Mr. Stecher showed how much energy and CO2 his company has already saved in the last 5 years, namely more than 60%. In addition, he sees realistic possibilities for his company to reduce energy consumption in the future with new technologies to such an extent that the self-generated solar power will then be sufficient for production.

Dr. Stecher warmly thanked the member of the state parliament Marten Gäde for his visit and his interest in the company ACS Coating Systems and HIFFICIENCY.®