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Sep 05, 2023

At HIFFICIENCY®, we are intensively committed to environmental protection, low resource and energy consumption as well as short transport routes. Located on the edge of the beautiful Wadden Sea National Park just behind the dike, we know what is important and preserve our natural environment.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We also prioritize issues that have a direct impact on people, such as education and health, for example with our "Education for Africa and the World" project. We have also taken important steps to ensure that our products not only contribute to a sustainable environment, but also promote the well-being of individuals.

A remarkable success is the development of our revolutionary coatings. These coatings are not only highly efficient, but also safe for your health. Thanks to our innovative technology, the coatings can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 300°C in the oven or even up to 450°C on the grill for a short time without releasing harmful substances. With HIFFICIENCY® coatings you can enjoy your culinary experiences with peace of mind because they are processed without solvents and are free of PFAS, PFOA, PFOS and PTFE.

In addition, we have completely redesigned our production processes to become more environmentally friendly. Thanks to our advanced techniques, production produces almost no exhaust gases and minimal waste. We were able to reduce our energy consumption by 60% to just 40% through various measures such as solar cells on all hall roofs, new machines and continuous optimisation of production processes. This commitment to sustainability ensures that our products have a minimal carbon footprint.

When you choose HIFFICIENCY®, you are choosing products that are not only good for the environment, but also good for you. However, we know that even the most durable coatings can show signs of wear and tear at some point over time. That's why we offer you a ladle service where our qualified technicians thoroughly examine, repair and recoat your pan at our factory in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. This way, you can significantly extend the life of your cookware and avoid waste.

At HIFFICIENCY®, we are proud of our German production, which guarantees good environmental standards, healthy working conditions and short transport routes. By minimizing the transport routes of our products, we further reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and thus contribute to a more sustainable future.

As you know, HIFFICIENCY stands for HIghest eFFICIENCY®. The heat-up times are extremely short, for example 20 seconds instead of 1.5 minutes from 20 to 200°C. This not only saves time, but also energy. Energy savings are up to 65%. A leading wholesale baker in Germany, for example, has switched all its baking trays to HIFFICIENCY® because it is worthwhile for them simply because of the energy savings. In addition, it benefits from twice the service life.

Support us in our commitment to sustainability, environmental protection and health. With HIFFICIENCY® products, you can make an impact while enjoying the highest quality cookware. Choose us and experience the perfect mix of sustainability and health in your kitchen. In addition to perfect function and beautiful appearance.

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