Backen ohne Backpapier
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Baking without baking paper

Nov 24, 2022

In Germany, approx. 240 kg of baking paper used – in bakeries, private households and so on. If it were at least plain paper, it would be possible to recycle. However, baking paper is coated to achieve a non-stick effect and is therefore not recyclable. In addition, baking paper contains so-called PFAS, perfluorinated substances that are considered unhealthy and are therefore to be banned from 2024 according to the EU regulation. So baking paper is neither healthy for the environment nor for humans. Neither does a Teflon pan.

DURAQUARZ® ceramics without PFAS

And it is completely superfluous because it is not needed, because there are now HIFFICIENCY® products with top DURAQUARZ® non-stick coating. It contains no PFAS, no fluorine and no Teflon® and is also produced completely without solvents. By the way, HIFFICIENCY® is a made-up word and stands for "maximum efficiency". It has been proven that HIFFICIENCY® products consume up to 60% less energy and time than conventional products.


What does this mean in concrete terms for baking?

HIFFICIENCY® Bread and baking pans, Frying and baking plates, Pizza plates, Multibaking and roasting plates etc. do not require baking paper and the oven time is reduced. By dispensing with baking paper, the surface is also better browned and crispy. Bread simply falls out of the mold, even if it has not been greased before. So it is much easier, faster overall and better as a result to bake without baking paper with HIFFICIENCY® products. Many bakeries have already noticed this and changed their way of working, from small craft businesses to large bakeries with many branches. By switching over, they save time, energy and money, because baking paper is also expensive in the long run. All HIFFICIENCY® baking products come from the professional sector and are not only particularly good in new condition, but also particularly stable and last a lifetime.

Frying and baking?

The HIFFICIENCY frying and baking plates, multibaking and roasting plates as well as X-Cook® containers are equally suitable for baking, frying and grilling. The coating is equally suitable for baking bread, cakes or biscuits, as well as for frying split potatoes, chicken or fish or grilling a steak... And always without baking paper and at most with a little oil, if at all. The subsequent cleaning is very simple, the laziest thing to do is in the dishwasher. The same applies to baking or grilling: the result is better browning and a crispier surface. Roasted aromas also form better than with baking paper. So you can see and taste the difference.


Environment and health

In the end, it is much better and more sustainable for one's own health and for the environment. And it's also much more fun to work with HIFFICIENCY Professional products in the kitchen!